Accessible safaris

Our family background and own experience taught us that travelling with a medical background or limited mobility (eg. disability) can be challenging and exciting. From that perspective we started offering accessible safaris. With our expertise, experience and on-the-ground knowledge of many accommodations, we look together how to design your East African safari matching your needs and wishes.
Fika Safaris only offers accessible and/or wheelchair-friendly safaris within the countries of Kenya and Tanzania. Our accessible safaris are especially for slow-walkers and people who are physically challenged. For example, people with limited mobility, disabled persons or wheelchair users. We recommend discussing in advance with your specialist or doctor whether East Africa is a possible destination for you.
Depending on the (care) needs, a tailored-made safari program is developed (adapted travel pace, accommodation, vehicle entry, etc.). If necessary, Fika Safaris also arranges the necessary travel support and/or mobility equipment.
We remove obstacles to offer you a dream safari.

  • 24-hours reachability
  • Mobility equipment available
  • In-depth knowledge about accommodations
  • Travel at your own pace
  • Specialist in accessible travel
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4 tips for going on an accessible safari

Tip 1: Expect longer travel times

Tip 2: Sometimes bumpy and bad (off-)roads

Tip 3: Have an adventurous mindset

Tip 4: A healthy dose adaptability

More information about our accessible safaris

Together with you, we first need to determine what kind of safari style you are looking for. Biggest priority is to determine whether a safari is possible for you. Together we look at the accommodation and vehicle requirements, to make sure you will feel comfortable and your safari goes well. Your input combined with our extensive regional knowledge will make it possible to design your ultimate safari experience. During the booking process we look which mobility equipment is needed and if we can cater for this in the country of travel. Alternatively, depending on your special needs, different levels of travel support and assistance can be arranged for activities of daily livings. Want to know more? Contact us and we will be happy to look at the possibilities together.

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