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More About Us

We are Robert and Esther, founders of Fika Safaris. After having lived in many countries in East Africa we settled down in Nairobi (Kenya) more than 10 years ago. Our wanderlust, background in tourism, and experience in the hotel industry made us decide to start our own safari company in 2015.

Our team consists of passionate safari guides with years of experience. We provide a unique safari experience that you will never forget.

Going on safari is a wonderful adventure and spotting the ‘Big 5’ is probably high on your bucket list. Or have you always dreamed of having a face-to-face encounter with a mountain gorilla? We look at your interests and expectations when going on a safari, to finally curate your dream trip.

Enchanting East-Africa

We are often on the road to search for and discover new and unique places to add to our portfolio. We hope one day we can share our love for East-Africa and show you ‘our gems’ in the beautiful, untamed and magical East-Africa when you are booking your safari with us!

Are you looking for a romantic safari, an off-the-beaten track safari, a family safari or an adventurous safari? We are the perfect travel specialist for you! All our safaris are private and tailor-made with eye for detail and a lot of travel passion.

Curious about going on a safari and what you can expect? Visit our “off the menu” travel page to get an idea of how we build our unique safari packages.

How we work

  • To give personal and honest advice
  • To reply fast and be reliable
  • Provide knowledgeable, passionate guides
  • All our trips are tailor-made and private
  • Budget, mid-range, luxury, and high-end
  • Eye for detail
  • Creating dreams & memories
  • 24-hours emergency line/reachability

Customised Safari Experiences

Are you planning to go on a safari in East Africa? We specialize in tailor-made experiences and do our best to customize your safari to meet all your requirements.

We work closely with you and look at several factors to ensure we design your perfect, unique safari:

  • What is on your safari wishlist?
  • Age and size of travel group?
  • How long do you want your safari to be?
  • Are you a creature of comfort or would you like a rustic experience?

Have you seen an inspirational trip or another safari route that appeals to you, but it’s missing an activity or national park? No worries, we can design the safari program to meet all your requirements.

Our Tips For Going On Safari In East Africa

Clothing On Safari
Make sure you pack different layers of clothes. During the day temperatures may vary and wearing different layers make it easy to quickly adapt to weather changes. Pack protective clothing against the sun and mosquitoes. Also don’t forget your swimming clothes and a poncho and/or a raincoat to stay dry during unexpected rain showers.
Vaccination and Malaria in East Africa
Depending on your travel destination, vaccination regulation and advice may vary. We recommend that you be properly informed by the designated travel clinics and/or doctors in your country. Don't wait until the last minute as some of the vaccinations must be given a few months in advance before travelling to your safari destination.
Single Use Plastic
The import of plastic is banned in several countries in East-Africa. When travelling, ensure you don’t carry plastic bags or other disposable plastic items. We fully supports this change and recommend you to bring your own drinking bottle to refill with the water we provide on your safari. If you have any questions about which items are allowed in country of arrival, do not hesitate to ask us!
Tipping on safari
Although not mandatory, tipping is an expression of your gratitude and appreciation for your guide and other staff making your safari more memorable. The guideline for a guide/tour leader is $20 - $25 per day per car. It may seem like a lot, but the guide fulfills multiple roles and makes your safari unique and unforgettable! In hotels and lodges there is often a tip box, this way the tip not only ends up with the staff visible, but also for the housekeeping, security and all other staff who work in the lodges/hotels. The tip can range from $3 to $35 per person per day, depending on your level of satisfaction and travel segment.