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Safari in Kenya

Safari in Kenya: one of the best safari destinations Africa has to offer. With 50 national parks and reserves that boast a diverse range of wildlife, including the Big Five – lions, leopards, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo.

Kenya, the ultimate safari destination!

Kenya is the perfect safari destination, offering world-class accommodation, beautiful landscapes, breathtaking sunsets, wildlife sightings, and tropical beaches.

During your safari in Kenya you will meet the rich culture, the beautiful flora & fauna and the legendary Big 5! Not to forget the immense variety of the national park and conservancies. Kenya has an infinite amount to offer and we would love to show you this magical country!

Highlights of Safari in Kenya

• Rich Maasai culture
• Climbing Mount Kenya (5200 meter)
• Crossing of the wildebeest migration
• Lion King views
• Unique and authentic conservancies
• Walking, cycle and boat safaris
• Biggest tusks elephants of the world
• Magical views on Mount Kilimanjaro

“Off the menu” safari packages in Kenya

Activities to add to your itinerary

Places of interest in Kenya

Click on the markers on the map below to discover the magical parks and points of interest Kenya has to offer.

Kenya’s tropical coast

Time to relax at the magical Kenyan coast!
Enjoy the magnificent white beaches and a clear blue Indian ocean. The ultimate beach destination to relax and unwind, a very good ending of your magical safari. Sip from a coconut and enjoy the fresh seafood.

A perfect place for the active traveler who will not be bored as this is a true paradise for watersports like kite surfing, diving and snorkeling.

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