Birding safaris

Are you an ornithologist or a bird lover? Besides the famous ‘Big 5’ Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and/or Rwanda are perfect destinations for bird watching. In some of the famous parks in East-Africa you can find more than 450 different bird species. Travel to Uganda to see the rare shoebill stork in its natural habitat. Or visit Lake Naivasha where the African fish eagle density is very high. During this birding holiday safari you will be accompanied by a specialized birding guide whom will help you to look for these beautiful different types of birds. This can be done on foot, via a boat trip, by bike or go on a game drive and also spot the other beautiful animals that can be found!

  • Visit the special IBA areas
  • Specialized bird guides
  • Look for beautiful birds on foot
  • Take your time for spotting birds

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4 tips for going on a birding safari

Tip 1: Bring suitable clothing and shoes

Tip 2: Don’t forget your East-Africa birding book

Tip 3: Make sure to have good binoculars

Tip 4: Bring the right telephoto lens

More information about our birding safaris

Sssttt… Look at that beautiful colored kingfisher, waiting for the right moment to catch a fish. You are a passioned bird lover and one of your dreams is spotting unique birds in East-Africa. Imagine yourself in a boat surrounded by hippos looking for the unique beautiful birds living along the lake. We offer bird safaris for the fanatic ornithologist, but also for the hobby birdwatcher into Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and/or Rwanda. A specialized birding guide will tell you everything about the rich bird life. Also enjoy all the other wild animals that you will come across during your safari.

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