Off the beaten track travel

Away from the standard package holidays, a journey that only you make including as much as possible of the beaten routes. For many adventurous travelers, an off-the-beaten-track trip is an ultimate dream come true. Travel through no man’s lands, discover new areas and make unique memories. With our off-the-beaten track, it comes down to specialty and attention. Together we search for the right adventures, activities and the comfort that suits you. A good balance between culture, nature and the occasional tourist attraction – because yes, they are there for a reason. We don’t send you on the road alone, all our off-the-beaten-track safaris are always accompanied by an experienced local guide and safari car and lead you to beautiful unique less frequented spots and places. Discover East Africa your way!
  • Visit small local projects
  • Discover unknown places and places
  • Avoid mass tourism
  • Get off the beaten track
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4 tips for off-the-beaten-track safaris

Tip 1: Know what you're looking for in an off-the-beaten-track safari

Tip 2: Plan more time – undiscovered areas are often further away

Tip 3: Unique places and experiences sometimes entail a higher cost

Tip 4: Stay with the locals / local projects

More information about off the beaten track travel

Many people are hungry for travel after sitting at home for months. More and more documents/series show the beauty of the African continent. For many people it will have awakened the off-the-beaten-track travel feelings. And we can confirm, East-Africa is the ultimate place to visit for the off beaten track experience. Would you also like to make a trip like this, but not that adventurous planning this by yourself? We are happy to look at an off-the-beaten-track experience matching your wishes and budget to create a unique adventurous trip. Because we know that off-the-beaten-track safaris can be organized in many different ways!

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