Sustainable travel

Sustainable travel is hot and trending. Responsible and conscious travel, with respect for the local people, nature and culture. But how does sustainable travel look like? If you would like to make a sustainable long-distance trip, we look at your preferences and how to make the trip more sustainable with the smallest possible ecological footprint. There are different ways to travel more sustainable. One of them is compensating your flight and car movements that you make during your trip. Also the choice of accommodation is of influence. Stay in eco-friendly small lodges or camps where no mass tourism takes place. For instance, in the Masai Mara where you can stay in beautiful boutique lodges and environmentally friendly tented camps with electric safari vehicles. Or decide to stay at a local Masai initiative for a few days to immerse yourself in this rich culture.
  • Travel environmentally neutral / carbon neutral
  • Support local initiatives
  • With an eye for culture, nature and the local people
  • Away from mass tourism
  • Small scale accommodation
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6 tips for sustainable travel

Tip 1: Travel slowly and consciously

Tip 2: Book direct international flights if possible

Tip 3: Avoid disposable items if possible

Tip 4: Stay with the local people / support local projects

Tip 5: Compensate your co2 emissions

Tip 6: Make sure to pay fair prices

More information about our sustainable travel

Sustainable tourism is traveling in a responsible way. There are no unambiguous descriptions for this new way of traveling. We can certainly say that sustainable travel makes a positive contribution to nature, culture, climate and/or human rights. We think it is important that first of all you make the journey you have always dreamed of we and encourage you to do this in a sustainable way. Together we look at whether and how we can make your safari more sustainable and which pillars are important to you. Think of CO2 emission compensation, supporting charities, staying in eco-friendly lodges or staying at local projects / initiatives. If you book a sustainable trip with us, we will also contribute to make your trip more sustainable.

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