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Nyugwe Forest National Park

Unique features of Nyugwe Forest NP

• Located in South-West Rwanda
• One of the oldest rainforests in Africa
• Known for chimpanzee trekking
• Go on a beautiful canopy walk in the forest
• Habitat of 13 different primates
• Known for its beautiful Flora and Fauna

Best time to visit Nyugwe Forest NP

• From June to September is dry season, the best season for chimp trekking
• March/April is the long rainy season, less suitable for chimp trekking
• Rain showers can fall from October to February

Just like the rest of the world, Tanzania is experiencing climate change. The above-mentioned information is a guideline, though last years have shown us that the seasons are not really predictable, therefore we recommend you don’t make your decision purely based on historical weather conditions as they may differ once you arrive.

Impressions Nyugwe Forest National Park

Accommodations Nyugwe Forest NP

We believe that selecting the right accommodation gives an extra touch to your safari program. Therefore we are often on the road to explore new and beautiful places in different price ranges.

We value personal contact, boutique places and eye for detail. We strive to have personally visited all our chosen accommodations to match your needs and wishes.

Fika Safaris travel suggestions for Nyugwe Forest NP

Rwanda is best known for its many primates, including Nyugwe Forest NP. Combine a visit to this park with a more authentic safari experience in Akagera NP. We also recommend spending at least 1 day in Kigali to learn more about Rwanda’s history and get to know this special African capital.

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