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Canoe Safari Excursions in Tanzania

Want to discover the rich flora and fauna of Lake Momela, Duluti or Manyara in a unique way?

On Lake Momela in Arusha National Park you can explore the lake in a canoe. The area has a rich bird life, including beautiful flamingos and other special birds that live in this alkaline lake. You can also spot other wildlife from your canoe, like giraffes and small dikdiks.

The beautiful Lake Duluti lies 20 kilometers from Arusha city. A fun day activity if you have an extra night in Arusha. Explore this lake by canoe. The lake is surrounded by forest and beautiful birds can be found here. Don’t forget to stop-over in Tengeru when it is a market day. You will definitely enjoy this colorful market while wandering around.

When the rainy season arrives is when Lake Manyara becomes another wonderful place for canoeing. You can admire the elephants, buffaloes, giraffes and flamingos up close during a 2.5 hour canoe trip. A different canoe experience than Lake Momela and Lake Duluti, mainly because many more wild animal species can be found here.

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