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Chimpanzee tracking in Tanzania

You’ve probably heard of Jane Goodall. She did a long study of the chimpanzees in Gombe National Park and discovered that chimpanzees use tools to collect food, just like humans do.

Located in the west – next to Lake Tanganyika – lies the secluded and beautiful Mahale Mountains National Park. Here you can experience a unique encounter with the chimpanzee. The Mahale chimpanzees are relatively unknown and together with a ranger you will look for a group of chimpanzees. Once you arrive, you are required to stay at a respectful distance of at least 10 meters to admire and study these interesting animals.

Tourism development in this park has been kept to a minimum to add to the feeling of seclusion when you visit this park. There are therefore relatively few accommodations found in the park and the park can only be reached by boat or by plane. While this is a secluded and more private experience, a safari to Mahale Mountains entails higher cost compared to other safaris destinations.

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