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Chimpanzee Tracking in Uganda

Go chimpanzee tracking in Uganda, in Kibale Forest National Park in western Uganda. In this jungle you will find varied landscapes, such as deciduous forests, swamps and grasslands. An impressive jungle ideal for beautiful walks, mostly visited by tourist to go on a chimpanzee tracking.

You can choose to start your track in the morning or in the afternoon. You leave together with a ranger and a group of maximum 6 people in search of the chimpanzees. Once you have found the group of chimpanzees, you can enjoy the encounter for an hour and observe this primate in its natural habitat. We kindly ask you to respect a minimum distance of 10 meters between humans and the chimps to prevent the transmission of diseases.

For this tracking, you need to get a special permit. The costs of a chimp tracking permit are $150 p.p. Please take in mind that for this activity there is a minimum age of 12 years and it is mandatory you communicate in advance in case you feel sick; to prevent communicable diseases spread to the chimps.

Would you like to book this activity? We will arrange everything for you, including the permit!


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