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Climbing Mount Kenya

With its 5,199 meters, the Mount Kenya is the second highest mountain in Africa. Climbing Mount Kenya is a real gem and must do for the active hiker and professional climber.
The Mount Kenya exists out of 3 peaks, the Batian, the Nelion and Point Lenana.

The Batian peak is the highest (5,199 meters) and is the most challenging climb with many technical points en-route. To climb this peak, experience and technical climbing knowledge is a must.
The slightly lower Nelion peak (5,188 meters) is also a challenging climb and you must also be an experience climber with technical knowledge.
Lenana Point (4,985 meters) is the most popular mountain peak and suitable for the experienced hiker. It is certainly a challenge to climb up to this point but no technical experience is required for this climb, though a good condition is definitely an advantage.

If you choose the Batian or the slightly lower Nelion, it is important to have good climbing materials and be well prepared. You will undertake this climb with an experienced guide who will make sure you choose the right route and make sure you are safe.

If you would like to climb the Mount Kenya, there are different routes to choose from.

Naro Moru – Sirimon Route – 4 days
The most steep and fastest way to climb Mount Kenya from the west. The route is not the most beautiful route but it does offer the best accommodations along the way. It is therefore one of the most popular routes that takes you to point Lenana. Good condition is very important for this route as there are quite steep sections on this route.

Chogoria – Sirimon route – 4 days
This is a beautiful and magical route that takes you to point Lenana. You walk from east to north through beautiful forest areas and next to impressive valleys. It is also called one of the most beautiful routes to climb Mount Kenya. You can finish this route in 4 days, however day 2 is a long day. Therefore, you can decide to split this day into 2 days and make it a 5-days route. A good condition is recommended for this route and be aware of altitude sickness symptoms.

Sirimon – Chogoria route – 4 days
This route is a combination of the two most beautiful routes to climb the Mount Kenya. Along the way you will get to enjoy the beautiful dry land and the rocky terrain with beautiful trees and beautiful forest areas. Take in mind that the last climb to point Lenena is a tough one.

There are many other routes bringing you to the different peaks of this beautiful mountain. For the experienced mountaineer, the Batian and the Nelion are a truly unique and challenging experience.
If you want to know more about the technical climbs, we are happy to look closely together which route would suit you best.
The beautiful Mount Kenya will certainly surprise you with its beautiful lakes and flora and fauna.

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